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Our Backgrounds are suitable for any program that uses .jpg and .pot picture format.

Each background comes in multiple colour choices, together with a selection of border images.



You may link to any page on this site but not directly to the download files themselves. All files have been virus scanned with the latest definitions and are guaranteed virus free. 30 PowerPoint templates in each (.zip) 60 per page, you can preview samples before you download.

Our PowerPoint templates are compatible with all versions of PowerPoint 2000 and later as well as any program that uses pot or jpg files. Creative presentation templates have a second non-text slide. Standard templates contain 3 color variations, print & title masters. All images are royalty free for your use, they can be used in a commercial project with content added. No resale in any way!  Each group of PowerPoint Templates averages 20 megabytes and can be downloaded with a broadband or dial-up connection. SlideAlchemy presentation backgrounds can also be used as desktops or wallpapers. 

SlideAlchemy is the definitive, royalty free, PowerPoint backgrounds package for presentations. The presentation templates work as PowerPoint design templates in PowerPoint 2000, PowerPoint 2001, PowerPoint 2002, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2004, PowerPoint 2006, PowerPoint 2007 (PowerPoint 12).  In addition to .pot files (PowerPoint Templates) we also provide the .jpg PowerPoint templates that can be altered or edited to suit your purposes in paint programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint and Jasc Paint Shop Pro. The .jpg PowerPoint backgrounds are high quality 1024 x 768 pixels each having its own complimentary color scheme. Other programs such as Corel Presentations, Harvard Graphics, Lotus Freelance and Apple Keynote are perfect to use the .jpg presentation backgrounds in.

These PowerPoint backgrounds will make your presentation stand out and be remembered.  SlideAlchemy templates strive to break the PowerPoint templates industry clichés and propel you to a higher level of presentation success.

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